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Solar Coops Reduce Cost & Effort to Go Solar


Solar Cooperatives, or "Solar Coops", are proving to be one of the most effective mechanisms for reducing the both cost and effort of going solar. 


With a little community cooperation, solar coops can save you thousands of dollars and many hours of effort.


As you might imagine, Solar Coops are now forming in many Communities across the nation.



Benefits of Joining a Solar Coop often include:


  • Reduced cost (Save 20% to 30%, if not more)
  • Free consumer education about Solar Technologies
  • Help with Site Evaluation & Solar System Selection
  • Choice of one or more Pre-screened Contractors
  • Possible access to Low-cost Financing mechanisms
  • Assistance with Tax credits, Rebates, and SRECs
  • Dramatic reduction in Green-House-Gas Emissions.



Find a Solar Cooperative near you   

To locate and join an existing Solar Coop in your area, feel free to browse our initial Solar Coop Directorytm, which currently lists just a few Solar Coops in Washington, D.C., Metro area.   


Start a new Solar Coop in your community

If you can't find a Solar Coop in your area, please contact us about forming a new coop in your community.  We'd love to help you and your neighbors Go Solar.


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Upcoming Events



Arlington County Central Library
1:00 pPresentation
2:00 pm Workshop


Net-Zero-Energy Program 

Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference


2015 Metro DC Tour of Solar Homes

Metro Washington, DC
Homes in DC, MD & VA
October 3rd & 4


2015 National Solar Tour
In local communities
all Across America
September & October
(Dates vary by location)



Solar 2015 

The National Solar Conference of the American Solar Energy Society (
State College, PA
July 28-30, 2015