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Find & Join a Solar Coop

To find and join an existing Solar Cooperative in your community, feel free to browse our initial Solar Coop Directorytm, which currently lists just a few Solar Coops in the Washington, D.C., Metro area and beyond.

If you cannot find a solar coop serving your community, please contact us.  We'd be happy to help you and your neighbors start a solar coop.  

Also, if your existing solar coop is not yet listed in the directory below, please contact us to list your solar coop.

The Solar Coop Directory tm 

--- Washington D.C. Metro Region ---


District of Columbia:

    Brookland Solar Co-Op                      for add'l info, visit  
    Capitol Hill Energy Co-op         
    Cleveland Park Energy Co-op 
    DC Solar Cooptm                                                                      dcsolarcoop.orgtm (coming soon) 
    Mount Pleasant Solar Co-op  
    Palisades Solar Co-op                         for add'l info, visit
    List your existing Solar Coop in D.C. Here**

    Maryland Solar Cooptm                       mdsolarcoop.orgtm (coming soon) 

    List your existing Solar Coop in Maryland Here**  



    Arlington Solar Co-op                    (NEW)

    Fairfax Solar Cooptm                             FairfaxSolarCoop.orgtm (coming soon)

    Virginia Solar Cooptm                           VAsolarcoop.orgtm (coming soon)

    List your existing Solar Coop in Virginia Here**  


National & International: 

    American Solar Cooptm                      AmericanSolarCoop.orgtm  (coming soon)

    National Solar Cooptm                        NationalSolarCoop.orgtm (coming soon)

    International Solar Cooptm               SolarCoop.orgtm  (coming soon)

    List your existing Solar Coop Here**  


**Please contact us to discuss your organization.  There is no charge for listing not-for-profit community-based solar cooperatives in the Solar Coop Directory; however, we would like to know more about your organization, its programs, and areas served prior to listing.  We're also happy to list for-profit coops,  especially if they also serve some broader community interest.


Request a directory listing by completing our Listing Request Form.
Disclaimer:  The Solar Coop Network publishes the Solar Coop Directory as a courtesy to all users.  The Solar Coop Network attempts to provide useful and accurate information, but does not assume any liability for any errors or omissions in The Solar Coop Directory or in any other publication.  The Solar Coop Network reserves the right NOT to list any organization for any reason, at its sole discretion, and is not required to substantiate its decision to include or not include any particular organization.  Users of this site consent to these terms as a condition of using the site and/or any of the information contained herein or excluded herefrom.